Dragon’s Scion Appendix

Note: some things in this Appendix are not currently in the story, but spoilers are minimal. However, if you wish to experience The Dragon’s Scion completely spoiler free, you should start at part one, and only check here if you find yourself becoming confused. There’s a few things I reveal here that are not in story yet, but none of them are spoilers.


Alohym – An alien race that has invaded the world of Aelith. Appearing as massive insectoid creatures with multiple legs and arms that split at the elbow into smaller, more delicate limbs. They are masters of unlight (below) and possess regenerative abilities.

Ancient Alohym – A race that existed at the dawn of human history. Were often depicted as beautiful, luminous beings. Their fate is unknown, but it seems they either died off or left the world, based on their absence. The Alohym of modern day have co opted the name of the Ancient Alohym in an attempt to strengthen human worship of them.

Demigods – The spawn of Gods and Humans. Demigods are nowhere near the power of their divine ancestors, but they do possess a couple powers related to their divine parent’s sphere of influence.

Dragons – Giant, intelligent, fire breathing lizards. Dragons are often greedy, capricious, and cruel, though some arise above their nature to care for the other races and peoples of the world. Believed to be extinct following the death of Karjon the Magnificent – his heir, Tythel, is not a true dragon.

Gods – Beings that resemble humans, but possess immense powers within a particular region. Gods are very much tied to their landscape, and significant changes can harm or kill them. Also known as Lohkai, from the ancient Cardomethi word for “Spirit of a Place.”

Half Dragon – Very rarely, a dragon will use their Heartflame (see dragonflame, below) to turn a member of another race into a half dragon. Half dragons slowly take on traits of their dragon “parent” until they represent a hybrid of their original race and dragon. Their name in Draconic means “Twice Born.”

Humans – the most populous race on Aelith, humans have extended to cover every continent on the world. Humans are very susceptible to influence from nearby lumwells, and therefore experience a great variety of hair, eye, and skin color that varies from city to city, depending on what the nearest lumwell is. If humans move into a new area with a lumwell nearby, within five generations their children will fully resemble locals of that region. In absence of a lumwell, human skin, eye, and hair color are inherited from their parents with minimal deviation.

Sylvani – A species that avoid revealing much about themselves, the Sylvani only have one city, which is carefully guarded from outsiders – only a few have ever been there. Sylvani often leave their homes to travel among humans, and are valued as musicians, storytellers, and for-hire spies and assassins. It is unknown if those stereotypes are due to a racial preference, or because those who possess those abilities are more likely to leave than others.

Underfolk – a subterranean race that navigates using echolocation. They tend to avoid other races, farming mushrooms and cave fish. Furniture, weapons, and other trinkets fashioned by the Underfolk are traded with humans occasionally, and are very valuable due to their strange designs and expert craftsmanship. Underfolk have always refused to trade with Sylvani, and if a God or Dragon is in their region, they leave out a wealth of treasures as a tribute and seal their caves until the intruder goes away. They have, so far, treated the Alohym in a similar fashion.


Dragonflame – The natural weapon of Dragons and Half Dragons, Dragonflame can be expelled from the mouth. It comes in three varieties – Dragonflame, which is simply normal flame but flowing from the dragon’s mouth in an unnatural manner, Ghostflame, which causes no damage to physical objects but directly burns the souls of living beings, and Heartflame, which can actually be used to heal and “bless” objects, strengthening them. Weapons forged in Heartflame are significantly stronger than their normal counterpart. Heartflame can be used to turn a non-dragon into a half-dragon, and is used by dragons in hatching their eggs.

Light – the light that comes from Lumwells can be manipulated by individuals known as Magi. Light wielding individuals have been shown to heal and deflect attacks, although healing using light carries a grave risk of mutation. In recent times, copying Alohym Unlight technology, light has begun being stored in stones and used to power technology. The exact details of light manipulation have not been revealed in story yet.

Necromancy – Necromancy is actually an applied form of light and umbra manipulation, where light is carefully applied to a corpse to animate it, then trapped within the dead body using umbra. Necromancers often do this to their own bodies while they live, making them into Liches. It is unknown in story if Light and Umbra can both be manipulated outside of Necromancy.

Umbra – a force that can be woven into cloth and then manipulated by individuals known as Umbrists. Umbra allows its users to hide themselves from sight and teleport between shadows. The exact details of Umbra manipulation have not been revealed in story yet.

Unlight – a power that was brought with them by the Alohym, Unlight is not the same as darkness – it instead absorbs nearby sources of light, darkening the area around them. When it comes into contact with Lumwells, it begins to corrupt them to produce Unlight. Unlight can be directly manipulated by the Alohym in a manner similar to light, and used to power their technology. Unlight is a corrupting force when left in a human body, acting as a toxin.


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