Strange Cosmology Part 24

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The helicopter was almost around the building, and Crystal just wasn’t strong enough to deal with it. Already, her hungers were clamoring for attention from manipulating the flow of time that much. Even with the food and drink, she needed a nap, and she needed some human interaction. The first one was out of the question, and for the second one…

Oh, duh Crystal. She turned to Isabel. “I need you to kiss me.”

Isabel gave her a confused look. Crystal believed Isabel had been sincere in her intent to follow everything Crystal had said without question, but hadn’t anticipated one of those requests being so incongruous. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I can explain later, love. But the helicopter will be able to start firing in under a minute, I’m too weak to save us, but if-” Crystal’s explanation was cut short as Isabel grabbed her and pulled Crystal’s face to her own. They locked lips and embraced. For a handful of seconds, nothing else mattered but that kiss, drowning out the fear and pain and tiredness and sound of approaching areal annihilation. Instead there was an electrical surge flowing between them, one of the simplest and most powerful ways two people can interact.

Before they got too wrapped up in it and got blown to pieces, Crystal broke the kiss and smiled. “Okay, yeah. We’re good.”

Isabel blinked a few times, and looked more surprised at herself than anything else. Huh, Crystal thought. Did you know you would like that, or was that new information for you?

“Doesn’t matter.” Crystal said out loud. Isabel looked confused. “That was wonderful, love, really. So now I need to grab your brother -” She bent down in a fluid motion and put the shower curtain sling over one shoulder and under the other arm so he was across her back like a huge bloody purse. Literally bloody. Don’t worry, Ryan. You’re only mostly dead, and mostly dead means at least a little alive “-and save us both. Take my hand.” Before she reached out for Isabel’s hand, a quick twist reinforced the curtain and stuck it to her body so Ryan wouldn’t bounce around.

After the kiss, which Isabel was still slightly reeling from, holding hands with Crystal didn’t seem odd in the slightest. “What…what are we doing?”

Crystal turned to face her, the smile growing even wider. “Something incredibly, insanely stupid.”

“What-” Isabel began to ask, but Crystal was already running, pulling Isabel along into the living room. The helicopter was coming into view – they literally had waited until the last second.

As they ran, Crystal gestured. A wave of air hit Isabel’s sliding door between the balcony in and the living room, sending a wave of glass flying out at an appreciable fraction of the speed of sound towards the helicopter. That glass shrapnel caught the first missile halfway between the helicopter and the aparment.

To Isabel’s credit, she didn’t stop running with Crystal towards the balcony. She did start screaming as she did, a raspy sound of fear and anger. Crystal kept their hands locked as she gestured with her free one, hitting the head of the second missile with a twisted equation.

The equation for force is a function of an object’s mass multiplied by its acceleration. Crystal put a negative sign in front of the acceleration. Since negative acceleration isn’t something that reality recognizes as a valid construct – there’s just acceleration in various directions relative to other objects – it interpreted that negative acceleration as acceleration going back against its current vector.

Of course, since only the head was accelerating in that direction, the end result was the missile smashing into a pancake as it exploded before reaching the apartment.

The helicopter pilot had just watched two missiles explode mid air about seventy-five feet from their target, He wasn’t going to waste more taxpayer dollars on an ineffective attack, and instead switched over to the minigun slung under the helicopter’s belly.

Inside the apartment, Crystal and Isabel were almost out the balcony, Isabel still screaming. The screams had taken the form of words at this point, though. “Crystal I’m on the eleventh floOH MY GOD!”

The last three words were not what she originally intended to say, instead switching midway through as a hail of bullets began to cut through the smoke left behind the missiles. Crystal didn’t take time to answer. With a gesture, she sent the railing of Isabel’s balcony ripping free of its moorings to intercept the helicopter, and then leapt off the balcony with both of the Smith children in tow.

The pilot of the helicopter was ready for most things. He was a veteran pilot, and damn good at his job. But nothing in his time had prepared him for a hypersonic balcony railing.

The two objects collided in mid air, and the impact sent the helicopter spinning away. The other two pilots were bringing their vehicles over the building, but gravity had a firm grip on Crystal and Isabel at this point, carrying them towards the ground.

Isabel resumed her wordless screaming as Crystal whipped them around, flinging Isabel across Crystal so they were now both facing upwards. Crystal twisted her free hand rapidly. First, she sent shards that had broken off the first helicopter and balcony flying at the other two. Both of them were met with a hail of shrapnel that had become alive and spiteful, and one of them began to spin out of control. Crystal dealt with the remaining helicopter by twisting gravity – suddenly, everything nearby the remaining helicopter regarded that object as “down.”

Including all the loose objects on the building’s roof. And the shrapnel of the crashing vehicles. And the sniper, much to his sudden shock. And the two remaining helicopters.

Crystal swung Isabel and her back around to face the ground as all those objects were tugged together onto a single point. The impact ignited their fuel, turning all of it into a massive fireball behind them over the roof as the two passed the fourth floor.

Crystal twisted gravity again, reducing its pull, and then cancelled out her and Isabel’s current velocity. The new, weaker gravity carried them to ground as Crystal reached up and did one final twist, encasing her and Isabel in a protective shield of air as debris rained around them.

Isabel was looking up at Crystal, her eyes wide with a mixture of shock, terror, exhiliration, and awe. “Oh my god,” the woman said, her voice hoarse from the screaming earlier.

“Goddess,” Crystal corrected with a grin. “Come on. We still have to save your brother.”

Isabel nodded and hands still entangled, they ran towards Crystal’s doorway.

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